2022 Fun Bun Run Results

Our 11th annual race was run in person May 14, 2021 and Virtually from Apl 27-May 12th. Thanks to our many friends and supporters in the Fox Valey and around the country who particpated this year to raise money to provide education to poor children in Haiti.

Overall Race Results

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PlaceNameBib NoAgeGenderAge GroupTotal TimePace
1Dan Palmer62345M1:Top Fin17:57.35:48/M
2Kris Smrekar56655M1:M 55-5918:56.56:07/M
3David Osborne52946M1:M 45-4920:14.26:32/M
4Griffin Hammond49537M1:M 35-3920:31.86:37/M
5Adam Silbernagel56849M2:M 45-4921:31.96:57/M
6Jim Cheney47758M2:M 55-5921:49.37:02/M
7Eric Wedow56963M1:M 60-6422:37.47:18/M
8Michael Delany48561M2:M 60-6423:25.67:33/M
9Carrie Messinger51946F1:Top Fin24:08.97:47/M
10Bree Snyder55641F1:F 40-4425:57.58:22/M
11Ashley MacKay62758F1:F 55-5926:40.58:36/M
12Julie Lee56553F1:F 50-5427:30.38:52/M
13Cameron Graber49424M1:M 20-2427:34.38:54/M
14Tessa Balc55918F1:F 15-1928:05.39:04/M
15Dan Maguire56051M1:M 50-5428:06.49:04/M
16Dominic Kindelin55427M1:M 25-2928:18.49:08/M
17Addie Osborne52814F1:F 1-1428:30.19:12/M
18Kevin Lee56422M2:M 20-2428:37.89:14/M
19Kaori Maeshma55769F1:F 65-6929:19.49:28/M
20Joan Albiniak46468F2:F 65-6930:29.49:50/M
21Eric Obremski56147M3:M 45-4930:31.49:51/M
22Alan Hemminger62456M3:M 55-5931:32.510:11/M
23Anthony Ranieri53310M1:M 1-1432:30.510:29/M
24Damon Ranieri53445M4:M 45-4932:31.010:29/M
25Kiyomi Seiya56750F2:F 50-5432:43.810:33/M
26Maria Ochs52516F2:F 15-1933:37.910:51/M
27Eva Ochs52311F2:F 1-1433:44.810:53/M
28Cris Ratliff53662F1:F 60-6434:39.711:11/M
29Bernadette Kindelin55024F1:F 20-2436:21.511:44/M
30Rosalyn Kozlowski51066F3:F 65-6936:44.211:51/M
31Cecilia Ochs52114F3:F 1-1438:51.912:32/M
32Joseph Kozlowski50975M1:M 70-9940:06.712:56/M
33Carrie Laskowski51445F1:F 45-4941:30.013:23/M
34Warren Feerer49171M2:M 70-9942:23.213:40/M
35Geraldyne Schneider54830F1:F 30-3446:36.215:02/M
36Leslie Opdyke55548F2:F 45-4949:51.016:05/M
37Kristi Balc55854F3:F 50-5449:51.916:05/M
38Clara Ochs5228F4:F 1-1450:39.216:20/M
39Participant 592M5920M1:M 0- 050:56.316:26/M
40Lindsay Hutchins49738F1:F 35-3950:59.316:27/M
41Michelle Reynolds54357F2:F 55-5952:08.616:49/M
42Christine Bethel46865F4:F 65-6955:19.717:51/M
43Linda Rosc54566F5:F 65-6955:24.917:53/M
44Graham Hutchins4963M2:M 1-1455:36.017:56/M
45Lisa Bachrodt46561F2:F 60-6455:43.117:58/M
46Pat Bachrodt46676M3:M 70-9955:44.117:59/M
47Audra Ochs5205F5:F 1-1456:04.318:05/M
48Mike Ochs52740M1:M 40-4456:05.318:06/M
49Dorothy Jones50465F6:F 65-6956:43.118:18/M
50Keith Jones50567M1:M 65-6956:50.218:20/M
51Tara Kozlowski51147F3:F 45-4957:00.818:23/M
52Alan Kozlowski50752M2:M 50-5457:01.518:24/M
53Greta Ochs5242F6:F 1-1457:13.118:27/M
54Michelle Ochs52640F2:F 40-4457:14.118:28/M
55Doris Braddock47268F7:F 65-6958:13.618:47/M
56Monica Scull56352F4:F 50-5459:41.119:15/M
57Colleen McGrath51541F3:F 40-4459:41.919:15/M
58Maggie Abbott56248F4:F 45-4959:43.219:16/M
59Brady Freeman62847M5:M 45-491:00:13.819:26/M
60Susan Wohl62975F1:F 70-991:00:15.119:26/M
61Madelyn Isacson4998F7:F 1-141:00:15.119:26/M
62Daniel Isacson49850M3:M 50-541:02:16.220:05/M
63Carter Restaino53813M3:M 1-141:02:26.320:08/M
64Bill Clancy II48244M2:M 40-441:02:52.920:17/M
65Kelly Clancy47944F4:F 40-441:03:30.320:29/M
66Michelle Isacson50046F5:F 45-491:03:31.220:29/M
67Kim Turcotte55157F3:F 55-591:03:44.320:34/M
68Paul Turcotte55262M3:M 60-641:04:00.720:39/M
69Robin Cabay47459F4:F 55-591:04:01.420:39/M
70Macy Restaino5419F8:F 1-141:04:15.220:44/M
71Paul Bielat47183M4:M 70-991:04:20.420:45/M
72Marryellen Bielat47083F2:F 70-991:05:02.520:59/M
73Larry Rakunas53178M5:M 70-991:05:02.920:59/M
74Mary Rakunas53275F3:F 70-991:05:03.520:59/M
75Mark Restaino54247M6:M 45-491:05:04.220:59/M
76Mile Tatiana Gonzalez Suarez49325F1:F 25-291:05:04.821:00/M
77Laura Contreras62223F2:F 20-241:05:33.121:09/M

Age Group Results

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PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Carrie Messinger51946924:08.97:47/M
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Dan Palmer62345117:57.35:48/M
GIRLS 14 and under
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Addie Osborne528141728:30.19:12/M
2Eva Ochs523112733:44.810:53/M
3Cecilia Ochs521143138:51.912:32/M
4Clara Ochs52283850:39.216:20/M
5Audra Ochs52054756:04.318:05/M
6Greta Ochs52425357:13.118:27/M
7Madelyn Isacson4998611:00:15.119:26/M
8Macy Restaino5419701:04:15.220:44/M
BOYS 14 and under
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Anthony Ranieri533102332:30.510:29/M
2Graham Hutchins49634455:36.017:56/M
3Carter Restaino53813631:02:26.320:08/M
FEMALE 15 to 19
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Tessa Balc559181428:05.39:04/M
2Maria Ochs525162633:37.910:51/M
FEMALE 20 to 24
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Bernadette Kindelin550242936:21.511:44/M
2Laura Contreras62223771:05:33.121:09/M
MALE 20 to 24
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Cameron Graber494241327:34.38:54/M
2Kevin Lee564221828:37.89:14/M
FEMALE 25 to 29
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Mile Tatiana Gonzalez Suarez49325761:05:04.821:00/M
MALE 25 to 29
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Dominic Kindelin554271628:18.49:08/M
FEMALE 30 to 34
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Geraldyne Schneider548303546:36.215:02/M
FEMALE 33 to 39
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Lindsay Hutchins497384050:59.316:27/M
MALE 33 to 39
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Griffin Hammond49537420:31.86:37/M
FEMALE 40 to 44
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Bree Snyder556411025:57.58:22/M
2Michelle Ochs526405457:14.118:28/M
3Colleen McGrath515415759:41.919:15/M
4Kelly Clancy47944651:03:30.320:29/M
MALE 40 to 44
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Mike Ochs527404856:05.318:06/M
2Bill Clancy II48244641:02:52.920:17/M
FEMALE 45 to 49
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Carrie Laskowski514453341:30.013:23/M
2Leslie Opdyke555483649:51.016:05/M
3Tara Kozlowski511475157:00.818:23/M
4Maggie Abbott562485859:43.219:16/M
5Michelle Isacson50046661:03:31.220:29/M
MALE 45 to 49
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1David Osborne52946320:14.26:32/M
2Adam Silbernagel56849521:31.96:57/M
3Eric Obremski561472130:31.49:51/M
4Damon Ranieri534452432:31.010:29/M
5Brady Freeman62847591:00:13.819:26/M
6Mark Restaino54247751:05:04.220:59/M
FEMALE 50 to 54
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Julie Lee565531227:30.38:52/M
2Kiyomi Seiya567502532:43.810:33/M
3Kristi Balc558543749:51.916:05/M
4Monica Scull563525659:41.119:15/M
1Ashley MacKay627581126:40.58:36/M
2Michelle Reynolds543574152:08.616:49/M
3Kim Turcotte55157671:03:44.320:34/M
4Robin Cabay47459691:04:01.420:39/M
MALE 50 to 54
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Dan Maguire560511528:06.49:04/M
2Alan Kozlowski507525257:01.518:24/M
3Daniel Isacson49850621:02:16.220:05/M
MALE 55 to 59
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Kris Smrekar56655218:56.56:07/M
2Jim Cheney47758621:49.37:02/M
3Alan Hemminger624562231:32.510:11/M
FEMALE 60 to 64
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Cris Ratliff536622834:39.711:11/M
2Lisa Bachrodt465614555:43.117:58/M
MALE 60 to 64
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Eric Wedow56963722:37.47:18/M
2Michael Delany48561823:25.67:33/M
3Paul Turcotte55262681:04:00.720:39/M
FEMALE 65 to 69
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Kaori Maeshma557691929:19.49:28/M
2Joan Albiniak464682030:29.49:50/M
3Rosalyn Kozlowski510663036:44.211:51/M
4Christine Bethel468654255:19.717:51/M
5Linda Rosc545664355:24.917:53/M
6Dorothy Jones504654956:43.118:18/M
7Doris Braddock472685558:13.618:47/M
MALE 65 to 69
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Keith Jones505675056:50.218:20/M
FEMALE 70 to 99
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Susan Wohl62975601:00:15.119:26/M
2Marryellen Bielat47083721:05:02.520:59/M
3Mary Rakunas53275741:05:03.520:59/M
MALE 70-99
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Joseph Kozlowski509753240:06.712:56/M
2Warren Feerer491713442:23.213:40/M
3Pat Bachrodt466764655:44.117:59/M
4Paul Bielat47183711:04:20.420:45/M
5Larry Rakunas53178731:05:02.920:59/M
PlaceNameBib NoAgePlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Participant 592M59203950:56.316:26/M

2022 Fun Bun Run Sponsors

Sponsor - Matt Holm State Farm Agent
Sponsor - John Turpin Obeweis Secustoroes
Catholic Saint Medals
P & F Business Advisors
Sponsor - Kelly Orthodontics
Sponsor - Rachel Schnuck - Edward Jones
Sponsor - Yours Funeral Home
Sponsor - St Charles Dentistry
cherry creek mortgage
Sponsor - St Charles Bank
Sponsor - Shodeen Family Foundation
Sponsor -Mason Dentistry

Why We Run

For the children in rural Haiti born into poor families, education may be their best hope for a better future. For eleven years, Hope for Haitians has sponsored a 5K for Education to provide funds so that these children can participate in education. Funds raised pay for school fees, books, materials and other essentials needed to learn.

Educating Children

The literacy rate in Haiti for those over 15 years of age is 61% and one in four children is not in school. In the rural communities where we work, access to schools can be difficult for children, especially secondary schools. Even when schools are close, fees often prevent students from attending.

Hope for Haitians has provided uniforms, school supplies, transportation, meal programs, and tuition aid to many students. In addition efforts have been made to assist vocational students learning trades that will brighten not only their futures but the future of the villages where they live.

This Year 2022 – School for 150 Children

Working with schools connected to six of the villages where Hope for Haitians works, we intend to provide scholarship support for 150 children. This support makes the difference between a family being able to send all their children to school or not.