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Most children in America go to bed at night with food in their stomachs, perhaps wishing the next day was a “no school day”, while as parents we hope they completed all their homework and that tomorrow is a “school day”!  We believe their education will provide them with a bright and prosperous future. Most children in Haiti fall asleep at night without food in their stomachs, likely wishing that tomorrow they had a school to go to – a means for them to break free of the dire cycle of poverty that is their life right now.  Believing that an education will provide them with a bright and prosperous future.  I believe that as well – helping Haitian children to have a chance at life by becoming educated.   “Helping others – that’s what it’s all about.”❤

Please help me raise money for Hope for Haitians to support education in Haiti.

Join me at the Fun Bun Run a 5K Walk/Run. The race will be run/walked virtually between Sept 20-30, 2020. This event raises funds to provide educational support for hundreds of children in Haiti every year.

This year we are also raising funds to build a school in Garde Saline, Haiti. Hope for Haitians is one of three organizations partnering together to make this a reality for the children of Garde Saline. Join us and make this year one to remember by supporting education for children in Haiti.

I invite you to join and/or sponsor my team. 100% of every dollar donated to this event is used for providing education to Haitian children.

About Hope for Haitians’ work in Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere:

  • 1 of every 14 infants dies before their first birthday
  • The average life expectancy is only 53 years
  • 80% of the working-age population is unemployed
  • By 6th grade, more than 50% of children do not go to school

Over the past 19 years, Hope for Haitians has built over 700 small homes in Haiti that have a concrete floor, cinder block walls, and a metal roof. Over 4,000 Haitians live in these homes that have been erected in 15 villages. Each village is also given a water well, livestock, fruit trees, and other means to generate food and provide overall sustainability for the village.

For the past eight years, Hope for Haitians has also provided the hundreds of children that live in our villages with school uniforms, books, lunches, and tuition so they could attend school and get an education to help them stop the cycle of poverty that is currently their life. Along with the funds to sponsor the education of children in the villages, this year we are really excited to also be raising funds to build a school in the village in Garde Saline, Haiti. Please join my team, “Helping others – that’s what it’s all about.”❤ and make life better for Haitian children now and for future generations to come!  THANK YOU!

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