Join or Create a Fundraising Team

Support A Friend's Team

If you know someone who organized a team and asked for your support. This is the right selection.

Your friend may be participating in the 5K on-site or virtually. It all works the same. Use the button below to find their team. You can then make a donation to support their goal or join their team as an additional fundraiser.

If you want to race with them, you need to register yourself for the 5K Run/Walk.

Create your Own Fundraising Team

If you want to take the initiative and raise funds to support education of poor children in rural Haiti, this is the right place.

Create your own team, set your goal, invite your friends and family to make it happen. You can raise funds even if you are not able to participate in the 5K.

If you want to participate in person or virtually, you need to register for the 5K after you set up your team.