Virtual 5K Race Information

Information on the Virtual Fun Bun Run 5K Walk/Run

We look forward to your participation in the virtual component of our 5K. The addition of the Virtual component this year allows us to accomplish two things:

It expands the number of people who can help us support education in rural Haiti by making it possible for people living anywhere in the world to participate.

It allows us to include people who given the uncertainty of the pandemic want an alternate way to participate as a family or individual

Countdown to Virtual Race Week








  • Your first step as a participant will be to complete your registration under the virtual race registration page.
  • Once your registration is complete you will immediately receive an email confirmation letting you know that you are a virtual participant. You will receive a tee shirt and a bib in the mail prior to race week.

The next step is to multiply your impact by creating or joining a team to gain the support of others so they can become an addition or make a donation to your race.

 Join a Team –  Have a friend of family members that has formed a team this year? Help raise extra funds to build a school in Haiti by inviting friends and family

Create a Team – Do more than just run or walk. Create your own team to raise funds to build a school in Haiti by inviting friends and family to walk, run and donate.

Race Week: Virtual participants will complete their self timed run/walk between September 20-30

Submit Times: Virtual participants wanting to post their times must be submitted by 5:00pm on September 30.

Share Your RaceWe encourage all participants to take photos of themselves before, during and after their race and post them publically to their social media wall with the hashtag #FunBunRun5k

Race Swag – All virtual runners registered by August 13th will have a T-Shirt included with their virtual race swag and it will be shipped before race week. Package Includes:

  • Official Fun Bun Run tee shirt
  • Numbered race bib

Participants registering after September 13th will have their items mailed but they might not arive by Sept 20th the start of race week.

Prizes – Participants have the opportunity to win a custom hand made Haitian medal (pictured below) for sending in photos for the following categories:

  • best “Fun Bun Run” Costume
  • the most photogenic course
  • participating on the course farthest away from Geneva, IL
  • being the oldest “wisest” participant
  • the fastest overall time